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Tina Giem

Chief Financial Officer

In her role as Chief Financial Officer, Tina Giem is responsible for financial planning and analysis on behalf of Barrett Hospital & HealthCare. She provides key fiscal and strategic recommendations to guide Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, ensure long-term success, and enable the hospital and clinics to be financially well-positioned, so the organization can continue serving the local community well into the future.

As a lifelong resident of Twin Bridges and Dillon areas, Tina views these communities as her home. Her work at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare is a way for her to give back to the people in these areas, bolstering and supporting healthcare in the communities that shaped her as a person.

Tina has been serving as Barrett Hospital & HealthCare CFO since 2020. Prior to her acceptance of the CFO position, she served in multiple roles with Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, including Director of Finance, Controller, Accountant, Patient Account Representative-Billing, and Patient Registration Clerk. Since first arriving at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in 2008, Tina has quickly and expertly driven important changes and key decisions, growing into the role she now holds today. Tina has achieved a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) designation through the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

Tina earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Teaching from the University of Montana Western. Her family has owned and operated a ranch in Twin Bridges for more than 100 years, so working in the Dillon area has allowed her to continue to be close to her family and be involved with the ranch.

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